About Us

Your local tech start-up.

A tech start-up? Here? Yep.

Only we’re really not just starting. CEMC, your electric co-op since 1938, is making the biggest investment in our history. Introducing Cumberland Connect, a wholly-owned not-for-profit subsidiary of CEMC that is dedicated to bringing our membership cutting edge internet, phone, and streaming services.

Just as we saw the need for electrical service back then, we see the need for cutting edge technology services today. We’re dedicated to our communities, our membership, and our co-operative values. We’re excited about this ambitious, multi-year project. Together, we will enrich the lives of rural Tennesseans for years to come.

Technology as a Utility

What did you think about when you turned your lights on this morning?

Did you marvel at the technology required to produce such a miracle? Wonder about the physics behind it all? Think about words like infrastructure? We didn’t think so. So why should internet service be any different?

CEMC is proud to introduce Cumberland Connect, a wholly-owned subsidiary of your local electric co-operative dedicated to providing cutting edge technology services to our communities. We look at this project in the same way we looked at starting electric service in 1938 – it’s not a luxury but a necessity. Every home, business, and school should have access to high-speed internet, phone, and streaming capabilities. And Cumberland Connect is now here to provide it.


Use our address look up to see what services are available to you.