Download the CCFiber SmartIQ App

Now that you will have access to CCFiber Internet in your home or business, we want you to have access to the tools you need to get the most out of your new fiber connection!

The CCFiber SmartIQ app is a simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use app that provides access to some really great features, giving you more control over your network. Download the CCFiber SmartIQ app and take your CCFiber experience to the next level with features, including:

• Managing devices connected to your network

• Setting Up Parental Controls

• Create a Guest WiFi Network

• Run speed tests on your devices

... And more!

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Peace of Mind Package

Our members deserve the very best, and that means having the peace of mind that their network is safe, secure, and optimized for their needs. The Peace of Mind package adds the benefits of ExperienceIQ and ProtectIQ to the standard CCFiber SmartIQ app features for ultimate peace of mind.

When you enroll in the Peace of Mind Package, you'll enjoy extended control and functionality over your network with the new features added by ExperienceIQ and ProtectIQ, including:

• Enhanced time limits and parental controls

• Content and app restrictions

• In-depth network usage data

• Network traffic & device prioritization

• Whole-home network security

... And more!

Peace of Mind

You'll receive all of these great benefits and more by enrolling in the Peace of Mind package for $10 per month. Learn more about Peace of Mind by clicking below.