What to Expect During Your Drop Construction


Thank you for choosing Cumberland Connect! Our team is grateful for this opportunity to serve you and we can't wait to get you connected. We have a bit more work to complete to prepare for your installation. During these next steps, our crews will construct the 100% fiber connection on your property between our mainline fiber and your home.

Our team is projecting a timeline of 4-6 weeks from your CCFiber sign-up date to your home/business installation.

During this time, our team and crews will complete your drop construction and final preparations for your installation appointment. We appreciate your patience during this process!

Here is what to expect during the next step:

After you have signed up for Cumberland Connect fiber services, our drop service partners will be preparing for, and then performing your drop construction. During your drop, crews will be visiting your property to connect the fiber communications line to the outside of your home or business. During drop construction, crews will in most cases follow the existing path of electricity on your property to connect fiber to the outside of your home or business.

You do not need to be home at this time and we’ll be taking the utmost care to ensure that we avoid any disturbance to your property. To accomplish this, we’ll need your help identifying any unforeseen issues that could prevent us from completing the job.

If any of these apply to your property, please notify us right away by emailing: install@cumberlandconnect.org so that we can better coordinate our visit:

• Private utility lines (this includes any kind of electric, water, sewer, etc., that you may have buried on your property)

• Buried landscape lighting

• Invisible pet fencing

• Sprinkler and/or irrigation systems

• Locked gates or fencing that would prevent access to your property


We bring fiber directly to your door.

Our crews will create a connection from our main fiber line directly to your home or business. This ensures that you will have a direct, reliable fiber connection. Click below to learn more about what goes into the fiber drop process behind the scenes.

Your experience matters to us!

If you have any questions or concerns about the construction or drop process, please email our Construction Team directly at


Locates on Your Property


We need your help, too.

If you are aware of any private non-utility lines on your property, we need your help locating them before your scheduled drop (after you've signed up for fiber services). This will make the drop process easier for us, and quicker for you!

For more information on locating  buried private non-utility lines on your property, read on below.

By locating buried private non-utility lines on your property before our crews arrive (including anything past your meter), you can help us avoid accidents on your property during fiber construction and during later drops. Non-utility lines can be marked using yard flags, spray painting approximate lines around the area on your lawn, or by speaking directly with our crew foreman on-site.

Examples of private non-utility lines:

• Drainage pipes

• Buried electric fences

• Buried landscape lighting

• Invisible pet fences

• Sprinkler and/or irrigation systems

• Propane lines

• Private water, electric, and/or natural gas lines run past the meter. Utility companies typically locate their side of the lines, but these locates may not include additional lines run throughout your property.

• Future backyard projects and renovations. If you plan on completing a project on your property in the coming months or even years, let us know and we can run our lines around the projected project area.


Visit Tennessee 811 for More Private Locate Information