Construction Information

Wondering what to expect during construction of our fiber network?

We’re here to keep you in the know throughout the entire process!

We’re building our 100% fiber network from the ground up to bring some of the best internet speeds in the nation to our members’ homes and businesses, using the fastest delivery method currently available.  We are committed to keeping our members in the know about the process. Check out below for more information on the construction process.

Prior to your zone opening, several steps (involving several different crews) will be completed.

Stages of Construction

  • Right of Way
  • • Vegetation management crews follow the existing electrical pathways clearing areas surrounding our electrical poles and lines, to make way and ready the workspace for fiber installation crews.
  • • Make ready engineering/construction.  CEMC contractor crews follow vegetation management crews and check each pole to ensure they are ready and equipped to receive fiber. These crews will perform any needed changes on the poles to ready them for fiber during this process.

Mainline Construction

Our mainline construction partner is Ervin Cable Construction. Ervin Cable Construction crews will be working on Cumberland Connect's behalf during the following stages of construction. There are 4 main steps during mainline construction: During mainline construction, in most cases, crews will follow the existing electrical pathways (whether underground or overhead) with construction.


It's important to us that our members have a good experience during the course of our fiber construction. We value your feedback and we want to hear from you.

If you have any questions or concerns about fiber construction in your area, please reach out to us by emailing your information to and we'll reach out to you directly.  

You may see crews in your area on and off for several months performing any of the work described above. We will do our best to keep you informed, but feel free to reach out to us directly with questions or concerns, please email us directly at:

Drops On Your Property After Service Sign-Up

Precautions We Take During Construction on Your Property

Locates on Your Property

We need your help too.

If you are aware of any private non-utility lines on your property, we need your help locating them no later than prior to your scheduled drop (after you've signed up for fiber services).

For more information on locating buried private non-utility lines on your property, learn more below.

Visit Tennessee 811 for More Private Locate Information.