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Did you know that fiber Internet can increase a home's value by an average of 3.1%? With your free Fiber Homes account, you can search any address to discover what kind of Internet service is available.

You'll have access to the available providers, package speeds, and even new mover promos available – adding even more value to your listing and for your clients. Watch this video to see how it works:

Fiber Homes FAQs


These frequently asked questions help cover the basics of using Fiber Homes and how it can help agents bring more value to their clients.

What can Fiber Homes do for me as an agent?

When you create your free Fiber Homes account, you'll have instant access to a database of homes in the area. Agents can search for any address they are listing or showing in this database to find out what kind of Internet service is available. You'll be able to view providers, service packages, and even new mover promos so you can provide this information to your clients!

In addition, Fiber Homes gives you free access to personalized marketing materials that help boost the value of your listings. This includes the Broadband Property Report that you can include with any disclosures, etc. You'll also have access to flyers, door hangers, sign riders, and more with your free Fiber Homes account.


How does Fiber Homes help my clients?

With more and more people moving out of major urban centers to smaller towns and rural areas, it is more important than ever to consider what Internet service is accessible when purchasing a new home. The information you can provide through Fiber Homes informs your clients everything they need to know about Internet service for their potential new home – an invaluable resource for those that work from home or rely on a fast Internet connection.


What is a Certified Fiber Home?

When it comes to Internet service, there is no connection quite like a fiber connection. The fiber delivery method is more reliable and capable of delivering faster, symmetrical speeds when compared to traditional broadband delivery methods.

A home is a Certified Fiber Home if Cumberland Connect fiber Internet is currently available at that address. Even if Cumberland Connect isn't available at the address you're searching, Fiber Homes will still provide a full report of all other Internet options available at the home (found on the Broadband Property Report).