Text Message Alerts

In an effort to further improve our communication and elevate the experience of our subscribers, we are excited to introduce new text message alerts! Read below to view more information and find out what types of communication you can expect to receive from Cumberland Connect.

What Types of Alerts Will I Receive?

  • •  General updates about Cumberland Connect
  • •  Outage Communication
  • •  Installation and service appointment reminders
  • •  When your CCFiber service zone opens for sign-ups
  • •  Upcoming events and announcements

CEMC & Cumberland Connect Communication

  • You will automatically be opted in to receive text alerts from both CEMC and Cumberland Connect with the mobile number we have on file. You will receive these text alerts from (800) 987-2362.

A Great Subscriber Experience Starts With Great Communication

Our goal is to ensure that every subscriber has the best experience possible with our service. We hope that incorporating text alerts will help elevate our communication and make it easier for our subscribers to receive important information about their CCFiber services.



Have questions? Find the answer here or get in touch with our team to get more information.

Additional Resources

  • We provide you with the tools to have even more insight and control over your CCFiber network right from your mobile device.

The CCFiber SmartIQ App

The CCFiber SmartIQ app is a simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use app that provides access to some really great features, giving you more control over your network. Download the CCFiber SmartIQ app and take your CCFiber experience to the next level with features, including:

• Managing devices connected to your network

• Setting Up Parental Controls

• Create a Guest WiFi Network

• Run speed tests on your devices

... And more!

SmartIQ Updated_SmartIQ

Have questions? Call us at (800) 987-2362 or email us at info@cumberlandconnect.org.
We are always happy to assist you!

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