CCFiberTV service discontinued on June 30, 2023

Updated: 06/30/2023

Dear Cumberland Connect Subscriber,

Our CCFiberTV service will be discontinued as of midnight on June 30, 2023. If you have any questions, please get in touch with our team directly by calling (800) 987-2362.

Please note that this decision to discontinue our TV service does not affect your internet service or phone service offered by Cumberland Connect.


What does this mean for Cumberland Connect?

By discontinuing our video service, we have a service and product lineup that will support our mission to provide the best subscriber experience possible.

  • True - We are no longer offering a “TV” service. [But, with high-speed internet, you have TV Freedom! How? We offer resources and guidance to help our members get the same channels, shows, movies, and sports they could get from traditional cable TV with Cumberland Connect internet and the streaming platform of their choice!]
  • True - Cumberland Connect still offers amazing fiber-delivered Internet and phone service.
  • True - Dropping video has not and will not slow down our construction progress or impact our commitment to service to our members in any way!


Streaming: Your neighbor’s doing it… You should too!

The fact is that traditional TV and the cable industry have been in decline for years. We’ve all seen it – It seems like every time we turn around, another channel has its own Streaming app. The good news is that there are choices, a lot of choices, that help our subscribers get the content and channels they want to watch. With MyBundle, subscribers can take a short quiz and receive a recommendation for the streaming platforms that are the best fit for their family’s viewing needs. Even better, subscribers will often save money by cutting the cord and switching to streaming. Learn more about the free streaming resources we offer our CCFiber subscribers here:


Our team is available to assist you with any questions. You can contact us directly by calling (800) 987-2362.

—The Cumberland Connect Team

Notification Dated: 06/19/2023

Dear CCFiberTV Subscriber,

We want to remind you that CCFiberTV service will be discontinued on June 30, 2023. This means that you will no longer have access to CCFiberTV after June 30th. Please note that the decision to discontinue our TV service does not affect your internet service or phone service offered by Cumberland Connect.

Our goal has been to allow ample time for our TV subscribers to find an alternative TV solution and to be helpful in this transition by offering information and helpful resources to assist you in making this decision. We realize that the streaming options in our previous letters and discussed in our Streaming Workshops may not be the best fit for all our TV subscribers.


Our team has been in contact with DIRECTV & IV Support. If you are interested in exploring a TV solution more like CCFiberTV, DIRECTV has multiple options to choose from. IV Support is an authorized retailer of DIRECTV, who has a dedicated team ready to speak with you if you choose to reach out and explore DIRECTV’s video solutions.

DIRECTV’s offerings now include more than only satellite – TV solutions very similar to CCFiberTV are also available. To learn more about DIRECTV’s offerings, please call IV Support at 1-877-372-0226.


We recommend contacting another provider, such as DIRECTV, as soon as possible so there is no gap in your TV service due to installation timelines – It is vital to take steps to transition your TV service to another provider as soon as possible to avoid any disruption in your TV viewing.

Please note the following:

-If you wish to cancel your CCFiberTV service before June 30th, you must call us to place a disconnect order to cease TV billing on your account. 

- You do not need to contact us if you intend to use your CCFiberTV service until the last day on June 30th. Your TV service will be disconnected by Cumberland Connect automatically. 


Our team is available to assist you with any questions – You can contact us by calling (800) 987-2362 or by visiting your local CEMC office.

—The Cumberland Connect Team

Please note: *Any streaming TV options recommended by Cumberland Connect and the MyBundle tool are not being provided, supported, or billed by Cumberland Connect. **Cumberland Connect does not hold any official partnership with DIRECTV, nor is receiving any monetary compensation for its mention of DIRECTV, and is providing this information solely as a resource to our subscribers.
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