How Fiber Internet Can Boost Property Values in Rural Areas

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – access to high-speed internet is increasingly important, especially in rural areas. As more and more communities in rural areas gain access to fiber internet services, property values in those areas are rising. In fact, studies show that fiber connectivity can increase a home’s value by up to 3.1%! Here are a few reasons why fiber internet services are having a positive impact on rural property values.

Providing Online Essentials

One of the primary benefits of fiber internet services is the high-speed internet connectivity they offer. A fiber internet connection can offer speeds multiple times faster than traditional satellite or DSL internet service – which used to be the only option in many rural communities. As more people move to rural areas for a quieter and more affordable lifestyle, high-speed internet connectivity becomes even more important for potential homebuyers – especially for those working or learning from home.

Boosting Local Economies

Another reason fiber internet services are boosting property values in rural areas is that they attract new residents and businesses. With access to high-speed internet, remote workers and small business owners can move to rural areas without sacrificing the connectivity they need to run their businesses. Internet connectivity also allows more people to start their own businesses thanks to the abundance of resources, education, and services available through an internet connection. This influx of new residents and businesses can in turn increase demand for properties in the area.

A Competitive Advantage

Fiber internet services can provide a competitive advantage for rural properties that offer them. In a crowded real estate market, properties with fiber internet services can stand out from the competition and attract more buyers. This can lead to higher property values and faster sales.

In conclusion, fiber internet services are undeniably having a positive impact on rural property values. With their high-speed internet connectivity, ability to attract new residents and businesses, and competitive advantage in the real estate market, properties that offer fiber internet services are becoming more valuable. As more communities in rural areas gain access to fiber internet services, it’s worth considering the positive impact this could have on property values.

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