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Peace of Mind Package

Peace of Mind
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Get Ultimate Peace of Mind & Protect What Matters Most

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  • For existing subscribers - In SmartHub, click My Services > Modify/Add Services > Continue to Plan Options. Then on the Select Your Internet Options screen, you would click Add in the Peace of Mind Package under Internet Add-on.

True stories from our subscribers inspired us to create a package to provide you with true peace of mind.

Our members deserve the very best, and that means having the peace of mind that their network is safe, secure, and optimized for their needs. The Peace of Mind package adds the benefits of ExperienceIQ and ProtectIQ to the standard CCFiber SmartIQ app features. 

With the Peace of Mind package, you can enjoy extended control over your network with enhanced content restrictions, parental controls, prioritization, and network usage data — as well as an extra layer of protection to all devices connected to your network.

Download the CCFiber SmartIQ App

Now that you will have access to CCFiber Internet in your home or business, we want you to have access to the tools you need to get the most out of your new fiber connection!

True Story

True stories from our subscribers inspired us to create our Peace of Mind Package. One member shared his experience about how his children would wake up late at night so they could play video games and get online. To keep them from using the Internet past their bedtime, he would unplug his router every night and keep it at his bedside while he slept — so his children couldn't have any Internet access until he plugged it back in the next morning.

Stories like this one are what inspired us to build a new feature package that provides enhanced parental controls and content restrictions — so parents can encourage healthy Internet usage habits without bringing their router to bed every night. Read below to find out more about how the Peace of Mind Package can benefit you and your family.

Protect What Matters Most In Your World

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Set the rules. We’ll enforce them.

Manage every device on your home Wi-Fi with ExperienceIQ.

ExperienceIQ is a service that protects children or grandchildren from harmful or inappropriate content, limits screen time on devices or applications, and displays online usage through enhanced parental controls. It also enables you to prioritize types of traffic or devices on your network.

Customize your connected devices with ExperienceIQ


Compare time online today, last week, or in the month while viewing the total time spent online per category, app, or website.

Time Limits

Limit time for individual apps, sites, or categories. You can set limits by day, category of content, or for individual apps and sites.


Receive push notifications for various events, like time limits or when a new device connects to your network.


Set schedules for dinnertime, bedtime, or school time. Schedules shut-off Internet access for every device assigned to a profile.


Block entire content categories, apps, and websites.


Pause the Internet for an individual family member, device, or the whole house with the tap of a button.

Safe Search

Defaults Google and YouTube searches to remove inappropriate and explicit content from their search results.

My Priorities

Prioritize the devices and activities on your Wi-Fi to ensure you are getting the best performance for what matters most.

How will ExperienceIQ benefit my family?

"We trust our kids to do the right thing on the Internet, but didn’t have a way to monitor activity across the whole house or enforce rules if that trust was broken. With ExperienceIQ, we can now see where our kids are spending their online time and make sure they are safe by restricting inappropriate content for their age. And if one of the kids tries to get away with sneaking out of bed to play one more round of a game, we’ve got the enforcement hammer to bring down now." — Mike, Network Operations

Stay Protected While You’re Connected

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If it's connected, It's protected.

Secure all devices on your home Wi-Fi with ProtectIQ network security.

ProtectIQ is a watch guard for your home Wi-Fi – actively detecting and blocking malicious websites, viruses, advanced threats, and more at the network level – with no hardware or software to manage.

Protection Means Peace of Mind

ProtectIQ is an extra line of defense for your network that works together with traditional antivirus software. Traditional anti-virus protects only at the device level and doesn’t usually cover all your Internet connected devices like video cameras, Smart TVs, home automation systems, video doorbells, or any other “smart” devices in your home. Because ProtectIQ works at the network level in your home, it has complete visibility into all malicious traffic trying to make its way in, out, and across your network regardless of the device.

While ProtectIQ adds an extra layer of security to your Wi-Fi network, ProtectIQ is not a substitute for antivirus software, and our team recommends keeping anti-virus software as an add-on to ProtectIQ as it can help clean up any systems that are infected.

Real-Time Protection

ProtectIQ proactively monitors network traffic coming into your home, automatically blocking anything that looks suspicious.


Get alerts when a security event occurs.

Frequent Updates

The ProtectIQ threat database updates twice a week to keep you protected from the latest threats.

Covers All Connected Devices

Laptop, desktop, phone/tablet, gaming system, video doorbell, thermostat, cameras, and more.

Your Internet Guardian

ProtectIQ can detect and terminate threats before they get the chance to infiltrate your network or devices.


No additional hardware needed — ProtectIQ works directly with your state-of-the-art GigaSpire router.

What is ProtectIQ doing to keep my network safe?

Note: To utilize the features of ProtectIQ, you must use the GigaSpire router we provide with our service.

No-Charge Service Visits Included


No-Charge Service Visits Provide Complete Peace of Mind

Members enrolled in our Peace of Mind Package will receive 6 free service visits per calendar year — a $480 value! With the Peace of Mind Package, you won't have to worry about the additional cost of a service visit in case of an unforeseen issue. 


Now that's Peace of Mind...

Ready to Enroll?
It's easy! Call (800) 987-2362 or log into SmartHub anytime to enroll. 
  • - Or stop by your local CEMC office during business hours (Monday-Friday, 7:30am-4:30pm)
  • For existing subscribers - In SmartHub, click My Services > Modify/Add Services > Continue to Plan Options. Then on the Select Your Internet Options screen, you would click Add in the Peace of Mind Package under Internet Add-on.

As always, we want to make sure that we are providing the best services to our subscribers, so prior to launching our Peace of Mind package, we had some of our employees test out these new features, and here is what they had to say:

Colt, Network Operations

I have been using the ExperienceIQ for a few months now. The first thing I did was put my 4-year-old daughter’s Kindle on it. I personally liked how easy it was to setup. While setting up parental controls can be daunting, this only took a minute or two.

Dylan, Technical Support

I’ve had this for a couple months now, and I have to say that I definitely feel it would be best for those who are relatively new to the Internet or have kids. ProtectIQ is a handy firewall to keep the viruses at bay if you don’t have a very good idea what’s safe and what’s not on the Internet yet. It tells you about potential threats it blocked via notifications, and otherwise just stays out of the way.

As for ExperienceIQ, it’s handy for content restriction for kids more than anything else. You can block individual websites, as well as block certain searches on common websites like Google and YouTube. All of these are done by blocking devices tied to a certain member of the household. If you already have all your kid’s devices grouped, it’s easy to switch over. You can choose the individual types of content to block, or use the default age groupings the app offers as well (Child, Pre-Teen, and Teen). You can even turn off Internet for all their devices at once automatically during certain hours, like for bedtime (or if they get on their phone a lot during mobile learning).

The best use case for ExperienceIQ for those who don’t have kids is Quality of Service options. If you have the 250 Mbps plan, it’s rare (and on 1000 even rarer), but occasionally if you have too much going on at once (like multiple streaming videos) it can be hard to connect other devices for things like working from home. The QoS options available can make it so that during these times, the router always prioritizes the things you need to have bandwidth for the most. You can prioritize by device and by content type.

Michael, Technical Support

I have nothing negative to say about the app or the features. Honestly, it’s one of the best apps I have used to access a router.

More than enough features for the average user. I love how quickly it notifies you when a new device connects to the router, and how easy it is to name that device as well as other devices on the network so you know what everything is.

The children profiles work amazingly for time limits and restrictions. Every night at 8:45 I hear the kids complaining and it always makes me chuckle.

The layout is simple and straightforward. A++ in my book! No complaints whatsoever!

Peace of Mind Package FAQ

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