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Note: Map is approximate and subject to change. If you are an existing, eligible CEMC member, you will receive an email when services are available in your area and you're eligible to sign up!

Under Construction: Phase 1- Service projected 2020

Future Construction & Service Area

Ineligible Area

Status Map

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Why Phases? Given the project size, breaking the construction up into phases makes it easier to effectively manage the progression of our project. Dividing our phases up further into smaller zones will help us to provide a better member experience when services become available in each area.

When Will I Get Service? Although we would love to be able to tell you exactly when our services will be available in your area, a project of this size has many variables that can impact our timeline. CEMC’s service territory contains over 8,000 miles of electric distribution lines. If you stretched out 8,000 miles of line, it would stretch from Middle Tennessee all the way to China! Upon completion of our Fiber to the Home (FTTH) project, we will have built over 5,500 miles of fiber. Due to its size and many variables, our project will take a projected 5-6 years to complete.  Our team is working hard to build and expand the fiber network to our members as quickly and safely as possible. We will be sending out progress updates throughout the course of the project to our membership. Members will also receive location-based updates when fiber services become available in your area.

Why is there an "Ineligible Area"? Per the regulations within the Broadband Accessibility Act (April 2017), Cumberland Connect is unable to offer Broadband services to CEMC members who are also within a telephone cooperative’s service territory. CEMC members that live within North Central Telephone Cooperative’s service territory are ineligible to receive our broadband services per this restriction.