Over 81 years ago CEMC began a mission to provide electricity where it was needed the most—to parts of rural Tennessee. The introduction of electricity to these areas forever changed the way of life for its population. Providing electricity to these people fueled CEMC all those years ago and ignited a passion that still lives within our organization today, to care for the needs of our members. Our members became our “WHY”, and over the years, our organization and membership have grown. We now serve the five counties of Stewart, Montgomery, Cheatham, Robertson, and Sumner in Middle Tennessee.

Today, we are still inspired by our members and we are still passionate about serving them. The world has changed a lot in these past 81+ years and today brings a new need to our members. Today, CEMC has been inspired again in the same manner as it was at its inception, but this time, the result will provide our members with one of the world’s greatest necessities—reliable, high-speed internet. We believe now, more than ever, that internet connectivity should be considered a utility—just as much as electricity is. Seeing the need among our members for high-speed internet services, paired with the belief that everyone should have access to these services, gave birth to Cumberland Connect and our “Fiber-to-the-Home” project.

One of the biggest goals is to always insure that our members feel valued and heard. This project is a testament to that. We truly feel that we will be able to best serve our members because we are locally owned and operated and we share our communities with our members. They are our friends, family, and neighbors. They are the movers and shakers in our communities, and they are just as engrained in our lives as we are in theirs. We know and we love our members, plain and simple, and we truly can’t think of a better group of people to serve.

Our members are the “WHY” behind this project and every day they inspire us to make this happen. This is our opportunity to further serve our members, invest in our communities, and make differences in their lives. The excitement and support we have received from our members has truly been, both, amazing and inspiring. Your excitement makes us want to work even harder to provide these services for you all. While we understand there are a lot of reasons why our members are so excited about how our network will change the quality of their day-to-day lives, we have been overwhelmed by the countless words of encouragement. Our team is so thankful for this opportunity to contribute this to our communities and really make a difference.

Over the last several months, we have had the privilege to hear a lot about how the introduction of a fiber network in communities like ours has changed lives. High-speed internet has proven to spark economic growth and development, as well as, ignite entrepreneurism, increase job growth, provide new opportunities in education, and attract new business to the areas. We are all so excited to see our service areas benefit from these same improvements in livability and we cannot wait to see what they are capable of accomplishing! Thank you to our members for being our inspiration. Again, we can’t think of a better group of people to serve.