Tomorrow is the kickoff of Amazon Prime Day 2022 — and while Prime Day is full of incredible deals, it also brings the potential danger of phishing scams. Cybercriminals are always looking for opportunities to steal your data, so keeping a sharp eye out during your Prime Day shopping is important.

There are many different tactics that scammers may use during Prime Day. For instance, they may send an email with the Amazon logo to make it appear legitimate. Any links in this scam email may direct you to a fake login page, where any information you enter goes straight to the cybercriminal. If you were to enter your Amazon account information, scammers could potentially gain access and make purchases using your saved payment details.


These fake websites are harder to spot than you might think. Below, you can see an image of the actual Amazon website followed by a fake scam site — they are almost identical.


The Actual Amazon Website
This is the actual Amazon website, (image from

An Imposter Amazon Website
This is a fake phishing site. (image from

So how can you avoid falling for one of these phishing scams? The solution is simple — type directly into your browser, and you can be sure you are on the legitimate Amazon website. Don’t click any links if you receive any emails about deals or an upcoming delivery. Instead, log in directly to your Amazon account through their website to check for more details. Finally, enabling Multi-Factor Authentication is a way to add extra security and keep scammers out of your account, so be sure to enable MFA on your Amazon account if you haven’t already.


We want you to have a great experience online during Prime Day and all year long — and that means keeping your personal information safe and protected! We hope that spreading awareness and sharing these safety tips helps you stay safe online — and be sure to check out our blog to read more about common online scams to watch out for.




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