As summer approaches, many of us are already making plans to make the most of the season. Summertime is a perfect opportunity to get out of the house, put the phones down, and reconnect with those who matter most – but that’s not to say that a few smart summer gadgets can’t help enhance your plans. Whether you’re planning to head to a sunny beach, explore a new city, or have a staycation in the backyard – here are some neat gadgets that can take your summer fun to a new level.

Kicking off our list of smart summer gadgets is a solar-charging power bank – a perfect choice for a sunny summertime excursion. In addition to keeping your devices charged when you’re on the go, a solar-charging power bank can keep itself charged as long as strong, direct sunlight is available. This gadget is perfect for anyone planning a long hike or camping trip this summer. You never know when you’ll need that extra juice while away from home!

Another emerging piece of smart tech that’s perfect for summer is a pair of smart sunglasses. Most everyone appreciates a pair of sunglasses on a clear, sunny day – and now you can add functionalities such as hands-free audio and music, a high-quality camera, and even an AI assistant to your shades. Even designer brands such as Ray-Ban are taking a crack at making their own version of smart sunglasses. This one is definitely worth checking out for those looking for the convenience of smart technology without picking up their smartphone.

If you thought smart sunglasses were an out-of-the-box idea, we have an even lesser-known piece of smart tech for you to consider – smart water bottles. That’s right, the Internet of Things never stops surprising us! The latest smart water bottles can light up throughout the day to remind you to hydrate, and can also connect to apps on your phone to help you track the amount of water you’re drinking and set daily hydration goals. Some bottles can even integrate with fitness trackers like Apple Health and Fitbits, making it a great addition to your fitness gear.

Speaking of fitness trackers, we thought we would throw in some honorable mentions you may have already heard of. Fitness tracking watches are an excellent fit for those looking to partake in summertime exercise activities, such as hiking or swimming, since many popular watches are waterproof and include heart rate and step tracking features. No backyard barbecue, pool party, or beach day is complete without music, so a waterproof Bluetooth speaker is an essential summer pick. Finally, if you’re looking to have some summer fun in your own backyard, a portable projector (along with a large inflatable screen) can help you host a backyard movie night. Some projectors even allow HMDI inputs, so you can plug in a streaming stick and stream all your favorites right at home. You won’t need to take a trip to the movie theater to have the big-screen experience!

While summertime can be the perfect time to get outdoors, unplug, and connect with family and friends – it never hurts to have a few smart gadgets to take your summer plans to the next level.

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