As a service provider, our goal is to provide the best experience possible for our subscribers. We want to be different…in a good way, and we work to accomplish this by taking the necessary, right steps to ensure we provide each subscriber with the best possible speeds and reliability. Unlike some providers, we don’t stop at the pole or even down the road with our fiber, and then bring the connection the rest of the way to your location with another method like copper — we bring fiber all the way to your home or business.

Bringing our 100% fiber connection all the way to your home or business, and performing extensive testing on our fiber network along the way, allows us to provide the superior speeds and reliability that you deserve. After mainline fiber construction is completed on each circuit, our crews will then perform fiber splicing and testing in preparation for each zone opening.

The Why: One of the most important steps before we open a new service zone is splicing & testing our fiber network. We want to make sure that every subscriber’s fiber connection will be fast and reliable from day 1, which is why our team does extensive testing before each zone opening.

Fiber Fact: A fiber connection transfers data in the form of light moving through glass (fiber optic) filaments.

The How: In these photos, you can see our team testing the light levels at each point from our fiber lines all the way to your home. Starting at the TAP on the pole, then moving to the NID (the box outside the home that connects to our fiber lines), and then ending at the ONT (the box inside the home that converts fiber into Ethernet for the GigaSpire router) — we make sure that the light levels are as strong as possible at every point to ensure our subscribers are getting the best connection possible.

The Goal: Our subscribers deserve the best, so we won’t cut corners. If the light levels don’t meet or exceed our standards, we start over and work until we get it right!

When testing and final preparations are completed on each circuit, we then notify our members in that area that their zone has been opened, and they can sign up for CCFiber.

We don’t stop there on our mission to provide the best experience possible — We include a state-of-the-art, Wi-Fi 6 ready router with our Internet service at no additional cost, and our subscribers have access to our Technical Support team 24/7/365 — because we really do want the best for our members.

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We can’t think of a better group of people to serve — thank you for being awesome!