We know you’ve been wondering for months, “How much will Cumberland Connect fiber services actually cost?”. Are you ready to learn more about CCFiber pricing and packages? We’ve been telling you that our services will be fair and affordable, but if you’re ready to hear more, read on!

We believe that our members deserve the best and we kept that in mind over the last several months as our team worked to build the pricing and packages for CCFiber. Our goal was to create package options that have tons of value, are affordable, transparently priced (no hidden fees), and competitive, while offering the best products and services to our members. We wanted to keep things simple: no gimmicks, no teasers, and no promotional pricing. Our packages are built with meaningful value for our members. Our Internet service pricing includes a state-of-the-art AX / Wi-Fi 6 capable Gigaspire router coupled with managed Wi-Fi service and proactive support from Cumberland Connect at no extra charge.

We wanted our subscribers to be able choose the services and packages that worked best for their homes, so we didn’t go with the typical bundled pricing. Typically, when you see traditional bundled pricing, the individual products are intentionally priced higher to create a marketing opportunity- driving the customer to bundle services together for a lower price. We didn’t want to do that to our members. We took care to price our services as affordably as possible on the front end and with no teaser rates. Our members deserve to build the package that works best for their household, whether that’s only internet service, internet and phone, or all three. After months and months of negotiating with content providers, tweaking and perfecting, we proudly present to you our pricing:

First, our high-speed fiber residential internet: We wanted to have an option for everyone and ensure that even our base tier, offered great speeds. Our “Starter” tier is priced at $50.00 per month and includes speeds up to 250 Mbps with matching upload/download speeds, no data caps, and no throttling speeds. This option is great for a household that would use internet for browsing the web, streaming video, watching CCFiber TV, email, social media, and utilizes Smart Home devices.


Next is “The GIG”: If you’re ready to take your speed to the next level!

The Gig is optimal for households with multiple users, those who enjoy online gaming, video conferencing, video chat, and streaming 4k. In addition to speed and reliability, what makes our internet different? Our symmetrical upload and download speeds mean that you get the same speeds whether uploading or downloading data, giving you all the power you need to:

  • Stream 4k video without buffer
  • Online gaming- don’t lose a match due to a laggy connection
  • Glitch-free video chat & video conferencing
  • Download a 2-hr HD movie in 25 seconds
  • Download a 9-hr audio book in 0.9 seconds
  • Download a 5-minute video in 0.2 seconds
  • Utilize cloud storage and Upload 10GB of data in 1 minute, 20 seconds
  • Multiple user and multiple device (20+ devices) support- meaning your family can stream music, watch tv, surf the web, & host online games all at the same time!
  • And did we mention gaming?! We did? It’s worth mentioning again… With Gig speeds, get ready for an optimal gaming experience!
  • And more!


We named our internet tiers, “Starter” and “The Gig”, but we think (and we hope you do too) that we could have called them:

“Awesome” and “More Awesome”



Welcome to the new way to watch TV. Cumberland Connect would like to introduce to you our In-Home Streaming TV service, CCFiber TV. As a subscriber, you can still watch your favorite shows with a traditional set-top box experience or you can bring your own device. Our CCFiber TV App is available to download on your Apple or Android mobile device, tablet or TV as well as Amazon Fire TV & Smart TVs. Local & national channels, sports, movies, music, and more are all available! You can watch live TV & even record your favorite shows using DVR!

Get lots of value with our CCFiber TV packages. All three tiers already include 250 Mbps of internet built in and if you want even more speed, you can upgrade to The Gig!



Last but not least, our residential phone service, powered by fiber, which makes it pretty awesome! Our phone service offers a reliable, high definition solution similar to (yesterday’s) landline phone service, delivered using one of fastest delivery methods available today. Fiber is used as the delivery method for our phone service, so it is being sold as an add-on to any other package. We think you’ll love phone service powered by fiber!



Terms and Miscellaneous Fees:

*Free initial installation.
No contract required for residential services.
No equipment charges or monthly fees on standard equipment. Router and proactive, managed Wi-Fi support included.
No data caps.
No throttling your data.
Certain taxes and fees apply to some of our services (don’t worry, we won’t hide them, and you’ll always know what they are).

*Free installation during initial pass of service addresses.

Want to know the minute service sign-ups open in your area?

If services are not yet available, don’t worry, we are working hard to get to you!

Check Availability

By “Checking Availability”, two things happen:

  • Our system will assign your service address to a “zone” and we will be able to send you (specific to your location) updates and let you know the minute you can sign up for services!
  • You are automatically signed up for project updates in our system.


We appreciate all your excitement and support of our Fiber to the Home project! We can’t think of a better group of people to serve.

-All of us at Cumberland Connect