Fiber Reliability — Can Fiber Internet Weather the Storm?


Tired of rain and storms affecting your Internet connection? Our members deserve the best, and that means we are using a 100% fiber delivery method to bring Cumberland Connect Internet all the way to our members’ homes & businesses. This results not only in increased speeds, but also increased reliability over other delivery methods. I’m sure we’ve all been watching our favorite show or surfing the web when a rain cloud comes along and spoils the fun! With Cumberland Connect fiber Internet, your Internet connection will be less affected by weather so you can keep streaming & surfing — rain or shine!

Satellite Internet

How does the reliability of fiber Internet compare to other methods, such as a satellite Internet connection? To answer that, we need to take a closer look at how these delivery methods work. When you try to access a website with a satellite Internet connection, a request is sent from your device all the way to a satellite orbiting above the Earth, usually about 22,000 miles away. Once the data or website you requested has been located, the satellite then sends a signal back from outer space along the same path to your dish. The big problem with this delivery method is that your signal can be affected by rain, snow, and storms along its 22,000 mile journey. It may not even be storming at your location, but if your signal happens to pass through a storm system along its way to the satellite, it can interfere with your Internet service — resulting in slower speeds or even a complete service outage.

Fiber Internet

Unlike a satellite connection, a Cumberland Connect fiber Internet connection is a hard-wired connection that goes all the way to your home or business. This means you won’t have to worry about your signal traveling thousands of miles through space to fetch that website you requested! Rather, fiber Internet connections use armored cables filled with glass filaments to transmit data in the form of light. Since data is transmitted through physical cables rather than through open air, a fiber Internet connection doesn’t face the same obstacles that can interfere with your connection. Did we mention that a CCFiber connection can offer Internet speeds up to 32x faster than the average satellite connection speed? Rain or shine, you can have superior reliability and fiber-fast speeds when you choose a fiber Internet connection for your home or business!


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