Service Alerts – Updated on 11/07/2023

We would like to make you aware of a nationwide problem identified by our router manufacturer where our routers may become unresponsive and cause a service interruption. In these uncommon cases, the only way to restore Internet service is to replace the affected router. The problem has currently affected less than 1% of our subscribers, but we are monitoring all of our deployed equipment in case the issue becomes more widespread.

But there is good news! We already have a software patch to fix the issue and are proactively pushing this update to our routers. We will continue to push the new software between the hours of 12 am (midnight) and 6 am daily until we have upgraded all reachable equipment. If you’d like to help speed up the process, we’ve also set all routers to automatically upgrade the next time they are rebooted.

Please consider rebooting your router at a time that is convenient for your family and would not impact your usage in the unlikely chance it should fail the upgrade.

To confirm whether your router already has the patch, you can use our CCFiber SmartIQ app to check! Here’s how:

  • Open your CCFiber SmartIQ app, tap “My Network”, tap the “Equipment” tab, then tap your router name/icon.
  • Once your router comes up, tap the “Additional Details” option and look towards the bottom to find “Firmware Version”.
  • If your router shows version or, you are on the latest software, and no action is needed. If you are not on this version, please disconnect only the power cable for a moment, then reconnect it. The upgrade process may take several minutes.
  • Once the router is back online and showing a green light, check the app once again to confirm you see or

If you don’t have the CCFiber SmartIQ app already, please click the button below to download the app, then sync it to your router.

For those who have already been affected by the problem, we know how important the Internet is for our daily lives, and we would like to sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Once all routers are upgraded, we will be reviewing service calls for this problem and will proactively credit any users affected by this issue for the days without service.

Thank you for your patience as we work through resolving this unexpected issue. Please don’t hesitate to contact our Technical Support Team by calling (800) 987-2362 and selecting Option 2.


Kind regards,

Your Cumberland Connect Team

If you have additional questions, we're here to help! 

For more information, please contact our Technical Support Team by emailing or by calling (800) 987-2362 & select Option 2.