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Congratulations! With the completion of your drop, you’re now on the verge of getting your business connected to the fastest, most reliable internet around. We’re in the process of finalizing a few details on our side. Meanwhile, please find below some useful information to assist you in preparing for your installation appointment.

  • Designate IT Space
    • Identify the best location(s) for fiber optics entry and router placement.
  • Clear Installation Areas
    • Remove any obstructions in designated installation areas.
    • Ensure there is ample space and ventilation for the equipment. Temp controlled environment
  • Verify Power Supply
    • Check for available power outlets near the installation site.
    • Ensure adequate power sources for all networking equipment.
  • Check Infrastructure
    • Confirm the building supports fiber optics (conduits, etc.).
    • Ensure the Gigaspire router meets your business’ technical needs (speed, bandwidth, security).
  • Coordinate Access
    • Arrange access permissions for installation areas (server rooms, cable paths).
    • Notify staff and security about the installation schedule.
  • Inform Your IT Team
    • Coordinate with your IT team to schedule installation.
    • Ensure IT staff are available to assist during the process.
  • Communicate with Employees
    • Inform employees about the installation timeline and any potential disruptions.
    • Provide alternative work arrangements if necessary.
  • Prepare for Testing
    • Plan for post-installation testing of the fiber optics and router.
    • Ensure all network connections are functioning correctly.
  • Backup Plan
    • Have a backup internet connection or contingency plan ready.
    • Ensure data backups are current and accessible.
  • Document the Process
    • Keep detailed installation records, including equipment used and cable paths.
  • Do You Need A Static IP?
    • A static IP ensures stable servers and remote access connections, unlike dynamic IPs that change. It’s crucial for services needing constant access, like websites or remote work. Also, it’s essential for devices such as security cameras, printers, VoIP phones, smart home gadgets, VPN servers, and game consoles for uninterrupted connectivity.

If you don’t have it already, the SmartHub app is another great tool available to our members. SmartHub provides you with account management access wherever you are. Now you don’t have to call or head into your local office for account services. With SmartHub, you can do it all right from your computer or mobile device! SmartHub’s features include:

• View your account usage and billing for both Electric and Fiber services

• Make payments and modify payment methods

• Report service issues or outages for both Electric and Fiber services

• Receive news and bulletins from CEMC and Cumberland Connect

… and much more!

Is your email address hosted by your current provider? You might want to consider updating your address so you don’t lose access to important notifications. Once you leave your current provider, you may not have access to your email address any longer. It’s quick and easy to create a new email accounts with free email hosting services, such as Gmail and Yahoo Mail.

We have linked both of these options below, but feel free to use any service you’d prefer! Just be sure that after you create your new email account, you update your email address with any institutions, offices, or providers – including CEMC/Cumberland Connect!

Elevate your operations with a managed Wi-Fi solution that brings efficiency to your business.

We believe our members deserve the very best for their business, and that means having peace of mind that their business network is safe, secure, and optimized to support business productivity and growth. That’s why we offer our BusinessPro Solution which includes unrivaled managed Wi-Fi and more features including:

• Dedicated Networks

• Network Security

• Content Restrictions

• Customer Wi-Fi Portal

• Network Resilience

Thanks again for choosing Cumberland Connect. We’re here for you – any day, any time. Below, you can find some additional resources, such as information about our 24/7 Technical Support, our Help Center, and our FAQ.

We want you to have access to support anytime you need it. You can reach our Technical Support Team anytime, online or over the phone.

Call (800) 987-2362 and select option 2 anytime, 24/7 to reach our Tech Support Team, or Live Chat on our website (click below and look for the red Live Chat banner on the right). Live Chat is available Monday-Friday, 7:00am-11:00pm Live Chat

Access a library of resources and support for all of your fiber needs. Our Help Center contains several guides, how-to’s, and videos about our Internet, Phone, and Streaming services that will help you find a solution. Help Center

We want you to have all of the answers. Take a look at our FAQ to find answers to questions about our construction, services, billing, technical support and more. FAQ