Cumberland Connect Fiber Construction is Happening in Your Neighborhood


Cumberland Connect is building a 100% fiber optic network to provide access to reliable, fiber delivered, high-speed Internet, phone & streaming services to our CEMC members.

Cumberland Connect is locally owned and the broadband subsidiary of Cumberland Electric Membership Corporation. Founded in 2019, Cumberland Connect is designing and engineering a powerful, innovative fiber optic network that once completed, will provide access to high-speed fiber internet, phone, and streaming services to CEMC members.


Fueled by passion and excitement, all of us at Cumberland Connect are looking forward to serving and investing in your neighborhood, hoping to improve the lives of our members with our high-speed broadband services and the support of our local, caring employees. Our belief is that high-speed internet is no longer a luxury but a utility in today's modern age. We invite you to read more about our “Why” by clicking here.

It’s time everyone has access to affordable, reliable, high-speed fiber Internet services!

We believe now, more than ever, that internet connectivity should be considered a utility in today’s world. We truly feel that we will be able to best serve our members because we are locally owned and operated, and we share our communities with our members - Our friends, family, and neighbors.

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Here's what to expect as fiber construction begins in your neighborhood:

Our goal is to provide thorough communication to you and your neighbors during our fiber construction. We have included information below about the fiber construction process and what to expect in the coming weeks when construction takes place in your neighborhood.

Process of Fiber Construction:

  • Cumberland Connect has partnered with Ervin Cable Construction, who will be performing our mainline fiber construction. When Ervin Cable Construction (ECC) starts doing the preliminaries, members will see the placement of door hangers a week in advance. They will then notice the utility locate companies placing a water base paint down and some locate flags. The water based locate paint will disappear in the future.
  • Once crews have placed the conduits, we will remove the flags if any. We will be placing the conduits by directional boring. This is a machine that drills horizontally that goes deep under the driveways and yards. This is the most effective way to keep the restoration issues at a minimum.
  • Crews will be placing above ground pedestals (12“x15“x18“ or 12“x11“x28“) at most of the existing CEMC transformer locations. We will also be placing small ground level vaults to accommodate the drops to the home. A “drop” is the process of creating a connection between the mainline fiber line and the member's home. Drops will not be performed at this time and will take place after a member has signed up for CCFiber.
  • Crews will restore all properties to as is or better than our arrival, and we will make sure there are no holes or piles of dirt left. A note on the weather: While this may cause a delay in completion, crews will not be working in the rain and depending how much rain we get, crews might not work the following day in order to let the ground dry before continuing construction.

Fiber Construction Details

  • • ECC will place Cumberland Connect/CEMC construction signs when we call in locates.
  • • Under Construction Signs will be placed on all entrances to the subdivisions.
  • • If not already started, fiber construction will begin in your neighborhood within the next couple of weeks.

After fiber construction has been completed, more work will need to be performed before CCFiber services will be available in your neighborhood. After mainline fiber construction has been completed, fiber splicing and testing will be performed. 


 Want to stay updated on our fiber construction progress & be notified when CCFiber services are available in your area?

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Precautions We Take During Construction on Your Property

Our crews will be taking the utmost care to ensure that we avoid any disruption to your property. We want our members to have the best experience possible during and beyond our construction, so our crews take every possible precaution and proactive measure to ensure minimal disruptions on your property.

  • Our crews will call 811 to locate any utility lines on your property. These include public utility lines for water, electric, and broadband services.

Please note: Cumberland Connect relies on other providers to cooperate with us when locating underground lines. At times, other providers will not locate their lines prior to our construction, which may unfortunately result in lines being temporarily disrupted. Please know that it is our intention to complete our construction with no disruptions to you and your neighbors — if you have any concerns throughout our construction, please email our construction team directly at

During Underground Construction

During our underground construction, our crews will use a process called directional boring to run fiber to your home. This process helps ensure minimum disturbance to your property, because it allows our crews to run fiber lines deep underground with minimal digging required. Our directional boring equipment will only need to dig in a small area of your property to allow for the fiber lines to be run underground — rather than having to dig up large areas of your yard (known as trenching).

Directional Borer


  • Once our crews complete this part of the process, we will ensure that your property is returned to its original condition. We do so by filling in any digging areas and laying grass seed over these affected areas. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your property during or after our construction, please contact us directly by emailing

Your experience during our fiber construction matters to us.

One of our biggest goals is to always ensure that our members feel valued and heard. Our members’ experience during our fiber construction matters to us. If you have any questions or concerns during any stage of our CCFiber construction, please email us directly at

If you would like to learn more about our Fiber to the Home project, we invite you to visit our website. Please see below for some helpful links:

Our Purpose is: Connecting you to your best life

It is an honor to be serving our communities and we hope that CCFiber makes a positive impact in your neighborhood! If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team. Our Customer Service team can be reached by Live Chat on our website or by calling (800) 987-2362 during business hours (Monday-Friday, 7:30am-4:30pm).

Thank you for your patience and support while we work to get your area ready for CCFiber services. We appreciate you and we would be so grateful for the opportunity to serve you when the time comes.

— All of us at Cumberland Connect